About me

I grew up in a military environment, my old man was in the Armed Forces for 49yrs so I was able to travel, and holiday all over the globe, Penang being my favourite. I went to quite a few schools as a kid, which , like most Army brats, gives you confidence, as you're meeting friends one day, and saying goodbye another. Always willing to take on a challenge head on, and certainly willing to learn in new and different areas.

I'm a punctual and reliable employee and professional in my attitude to work.


Family life

Married to Nikki

Proud father to ;

Liam &Thomas



........... (    /    /         ) Just in case!!!

Benson (Chocky Lab)    Bailey (German Shepherd)

What I've been up to

I had my first taste of lifting operations in Germany, 1986 at the R.E.M.E  L.A.D. 1st Armoured Division operating a 434 Armoured recovery vehicle jib carrying out a "Pack exchange" (Engine swop). I was 19yrs old and never looked back since.



I've been working in construction since 1992. Starting out as a mobile crane operator at Van Aalst Autokran in Germany, they trained me in the safe use of Liebherr cranes from 25t up to 120t. After my training, I worked for a UK company Irving & Thomas Gmbh who were also based in Germany. Operating their Mobile crane and then self trained on a Towercrane, I moved around Germany on various different sites gaining my experience. I've been abroad on cranes and enjoyed every last minute, however, in 1997 I returned to the U.K. and started for Hewden Towercranes driving all models of Wolffkran, Trolley jib and Luffing jib. In 2000 I started for Sir Robert McAlpine Construction as an operator and then Crane supervisor on various sites in London. A short stint at Select, MPS, Patrolmaker and City Lifting eventually brought me back to Hewden Towercranes who are now known as HTC Plant. I've been fortunate enough to have run various large projects for them. I spent a couple of months as Fleet Manager for Henry Cranes, part of the Lancsville Construction Group, learning many new skills and experiencing life in a collar & tie but, soon returned back to familiar grounds at HTC Plant Ltd. 1 year with Weldex (International) Offshore Ltd, a year as an Appointed Person for Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering and now with my own company C.A.L.O. Ltd.