previous job photos previous job photos Crossharbour TC's 6,1,3 & 2 6585140 Gary French & Marc Carroll No.1 Formwork Foreman & No.1 Crane Co-ordinator 6586467 TC3 Crossharbour 6585141 View across Canary Wharf Pan Peninsula going up 52 floors 6585145 putting up TC2 HTC's finest at work. 6585146 TC6 6585147 TC1's cab window 6585111 TC2 jib build 6585148 Marc If I point will I look busy? 6586842 Frosty No time for knife & fork 6585149 Just pull the levers Paul in HTC's 250t Demag 6585150 Billy YOU WHAT!! 6585151 Tim Brown Keen as mustard as always 6585152 TC5 being erected HTC 250t mobile rigging Wolffkran 180B 6585153 Billy and Frosty "Don't look at me like that.......ya making me paranoid" 6585154 500t rigging TC5 day 2 6585155 Blay & Sol grafting 6585157