gallery gallery work, work, work!!! work, work, work !!! 6585106 new boxers please new boxers please 6585107 When will it be finished?? Wembley Stadium 2004. View from MPX 10 cab. 6585133 Manchester from above Highest free-standing towercrane in Europe. 24 sections (122m-410ft) 6585108 Kings Dock Arena, Liverpool 23 cranes in Apr 2005 6585134 Long way down!! 6585135 TC3 MCJC 6585136 BP1 Canary Wharf,Select 700ft in the sky 6585137 Medway bridge Channel Tunnel Rail Link 2001 6585109 Old Trafford Manchester United F.C. Wolff260EC 70m stick and bolted on the roof truss 6585138 MPB Liverpool Al Marshalls stick in Liverpool 6585139