previous job pictures previous job pictures Steve and Ian at 13:00hrs reasonably happy. 19321166 Not funny at 01:30 hrs after 18hrs graft!! 19321164 Big boys toy 19321156 just like a mechano set! 19321165 02:30hrs and enough is enough!! 19321167 Matt & ritchie of Select "Don't argue with me Matt! Ya not big enough!!" 19321168 Weldex 20 axle modular trailer 16 Dec 08 - 42,000kg Tandem lift using Kobelco SL6000 & LTM1100-4 mobile 20258330 550t Kobelco lifting 30t feed water tank View from the office complex IOG Power Station 20259948 Top and tailing 30m column casing 20259949 20 axle modular trailer 25039693 lifting at dusk feed water tank weighing 62t 25039694 228t module complete with frame 25039695 Sunny day for a change 25039696 Demag CC2800 + Liebherr LR1300 top'n'tailing 248t radiator module 25039697 Radiator up and lifting frame ready to come off 25039698 25039699 Frame weighing 48t now off the radiator 25039700 Radiator will now be lifted into column casing 25039701 IOG Weldex Team with Demag CC2800 Top: Davey Stokes, Tim Versfeld Bottom: Pete Brown, Chris Akehurst, Remak Foreman, Neil Brennan, Steve Tibbatts Absent: Martin Jakubowski 29697204 Top: Davey Stokes, Malcolm Goldsborough Bottom: Jim Astley, Martin Pinder, Chris Akehurst, Neil Brennan, Steve Tibbatts Absent: Martin Jakubowski 29697205 End of contract drink We told Jim to smile as we wouldn't see him!! 32979521 32979522